This is the Media centre in Gaza City now

29 Jul


BREAKING NEWS: The Shrouq Tower, Gaza City, also known as the Media building is on fire.

After Israeli airstrikes, journalists from inside the tower are asking for help, because they’re unable to breathe. But no ambulances have been able to properly reach the building. Reports are also saying that Aqsa radio is no longer on air. Israel’s greatest fear is the truth.

Kiwis donate $25,000 for urgent medical supplies to Gaza

29 Jul

20140719 gazacentralfima-08-1Volunteers unloading urgently-needed medical supplies for Gaza.

Yesterday Kia Ora Gaza transferred our first payment of $25,000 for urgent medical aid to Gaza. Donations raised with the generous support of hundreds of Kiwis go to international emergency medical aid appeal via our partners Viva Palestina Malaysia, directly to Gaza.

Over 20 truck loads of urgently needed supplies have already managed to get into Gaza through the Rafah crossing under threat of Israel bombardments. More aid convoys are preparing to deliver more medical aid in cooperation with the Arab Medial Union, the Palestinian International Medical Aid and the Federation of Islamic Medical Associations.

Donate to this ongoing appeal NOW:

Kia Ora Gaza Trust, 03-0211-0447718-000, Westpac Bank, Onehunga.

Afterwards, email office@kiaoragaza.netwith your deposit details so our Board of Trustees can send you an e-receipt..


Israel launches massive military attacks on Gaza Strip

29 Jul


BY PT EDITOR The Palestine Telegraph, 29 July 2014


Gaza – Massive Israeli attacks target Gaza civilians in different parts of the Gaza strip. The army has launched immense air and artillery shells in the northern, southern and central parts of Gaza.

Abu Khusa family house in central Gaza was bombed leaving a number of dead and wounded. Another house for Abu Shalof family in Rafah was bombed wounding 15 children. Al Qurmzi mosque in eastern Gaza of Al Shijaya was also bombed.

Rockets targeted key Gaza factories like the juice and soft drinks as well as the carton factory. Public and civilian targets have been bombarded including Al Amin Mosque in western Gaza and Al Sanabil residential complex in the area.

Following the speech of Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli attacks on Gaza escalated where more than 150 rockets fired at different civilian targets.

Clashes reportedly erupted in eastern Gaza city and eastern-central parts of Gaza Strip as Israeli army tried to advance in those neighbourhoods. Palestinian resistance managed to counter Israeli soldiers trying to break into Gaza.

Israel has killed more than 30 people today mostly children. The army killed 10 children who were playing and celebrating the Muslim Eid feast.  The death toll exceeded 1170 most of them are women and children.

‘They are not numbers, each has a name, an age, a story..’

29 Jul


#GazaNamesProject, published on Jul 28, 2014

Prominent Jews and Palestinians and others stand for Palestine in this heartbreaking video with Angela Davis, Jonathan Demme, Gloria Steinem, Tony Kushner, Diana Buttu, Chuck D, Eve Ensler, Brian Eno, Roger Waters, Mira Nair, Wallace Shawn, Naomi Klein, Mira Nair, Raj Patel, Noura Erakat and many others. To learn more or take action, visit, JewishVoiceforPeace


7000 protest in Tel Aviv against Israel’s war on Gaza

28 Jul


AP report, 26 July 2014

Thousands assembled at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square, Israel, on Saturday evening for what became the largest protest against the Israeli military operation in Gaza thus far. According to official Israel estimates some 7,000 protesters attended.

Palestinian death toll tops 1,000

27 Jul


Reuters  | By Nidal al-Mughrabi and Maayan Lubell

 Gaza Health Ministry: Palestinian Death Toll Tops 1,000

GAZA/JERUSALEM, July 26 (Reuters) – Israel will extend a humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip by a further four hours, a government source said on Saturday, as the number of Palestinian deaths in the 19-day war topped 1,000.

It was not immediately clear if Hamas Islamists, who control the coastal enclave, were also willing to prolong the ceasefire, which was originally due to last just 12 hours.

Gazans took advantage of the lull in fighting to recover their dead and stock up on food supplies, flooding into the streets after the ceasefire took hold at 8.00 a.m. (0500 GMT) and discovering scenes of massive destruction in some areas.

“It’s all gone, our whole lives were in that house, home to 18 people!” screamed Zaneen, a small woman in a black robe and purple head scarf, as she wondered through the debris in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.

“My God, we want peace, peace and for all this to stop!”

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Solidarity convoy delivers urgent medical aid to Gaza

26 Jul


Kia Ora Gaza has launched an Emergency Medical Aid for Gaza Appeal. See the sidebar of this website for details. Our NZ funds will support this effective international project. The photo show some of the aid from the second convoy of 16 trucks being unloaded in Gaza yesterday.

By Azra Banu, Viva Palestina Malaysia, 26 July 2014

Alhamdulillah, at about 1.30am Malaysian time, 16 trucks filled with USD500,000 worth of medicine, IV infusions, surgical sutures and ICU medications crossed Rafah and reached Gaza Ministry of Health.

This was no small feat as it was an international collaboration between medical associations, donors, charitable organisations and NGOs, including Viva Palestina Malaysia.

The trucks entry into Gaza wasn’t without challenges and we were left at the edge of our seats last night waiting for word of its crossing. It was like following some epic journey and you can just imagine our collective sigh of relief upon hearing the good news.

But as elated as we are that our aid has gotten through, we know there’s still much to be done.

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