CTU President Helen Kelly supports Kia Ora Gaza

22 Jul

I am very pleased to support the solidarity action ‘Kia Ora Gaza’. The people of Gaza have suffered severely from the blockade of Gaza by Israel. This has included not only their inability to get the materials they need to rebuild after the last bombardment of Gaza by the Israeli army but also even the ability to get school supplies. The attack on the most recent flotilla was an act of piracy and the violence displayed was beyond belief. A supply of aid from the people of New Zealand is a way for us to send a real expression both of our disapproval of the blockade but also our solidarity with the people of Gaza. I wish it every success.

Helen Kelly
New Zealand Council of Trade Unions
Te Kauae Kaimahi

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  1. mick July 23, 2010 at 6:53 pm #

    Viva Palestina

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