People’s Communique No. 1

13 Feb

People's power: several million protesters gather in Tahrir Square during the final stage of an elemental upheaval against the dictator of Egypt


A list of demands has been issued by protest leaders following the victory of the people’s revolution against Mubarak’s regime.

“People’s Communique No. 1” demands the dissolution of the cabinet Mubarak appointed on 29 January and the suspension of the parliament elected in a rigged poll late last year.

The protesters want a transitional five-member presidential council made up of four civilians and one military person.

The communique calls for the formation of a transitional government to prepare for an election to take place within nine months, and of a body to draft a new democratic constitution.

It demands freedom for the media and syndicates, which represent groups such as lawyers, doctors and engineers, and for the formation of political parties.

Military and emergency courts must be scrapped, the communique says.

Acknowledgement: Reuters via The Guardian

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