War of words begins over Gaza convoy’s Syria route

2 May

by Grant Morgan

Auckland, New Zealand

2 May 2012

After being farewelled from Bradford, England on 22 April by newly-elected Respect MP George Galloway,(1) the 12-vehicle Viva Palestina Arabia aid convoy to Gaza is now crossing Bulgaria and nearing the Turkish border.(2)

Convoy organisers appear committed to driving from Turkey into Syria. Two days ago, on Galloway’s The Real Deal TV show, convoy manager Kevin Ovenden confirmed that the convoy would be going “through Syria”. Galloway asked: “So you’re going through Syria because that’s the road to Palestine?” Ovenden replied: “Indeed.”(3)

However, strong disagreement comes from Abdul Wahab el-Sayed Omar of British Solidarity for Syria. In yesterday’s Times of London, he says the convoy “could easily go through Egypt instead. The only explanation I can see is that this is a propaganda move aimed at helping the Syrian regime.”(4)

The same report in The Times noted that Kia Ora Gaza and Viva Palestina Malaysia had pulled out of the convoy over the “sudden and unilateral decision” by Viva Palestina Arabia to travel via Syria.(5)

Despite a UN “truce”, Syria remains a slaughterhouse as the Assad government’s heavily armed forces continue to bombard and terrorise democracy protesters, including Palestinian refugees in Latakia. Some of the protesters have obtained light weapons and are fighting back. The UN estimates the Syrian death toll to be close to 10,000.

There may be difficulties and dangers even crossing the Turkish border into Syria. The Assad regime’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Jihad Makdisi, said in a written statement four days ago that Turkish leaders are “threatening to bring in NATO troops to protect its borders with Syria” with the aim of “aggravating the situation in Syria”.(6)

Yesterday the UN special envoy for children and armed conflict, Radhika Coomaraswamy, said that since the UN truce was signed on 12 April, “more than 34 children have allegedly been killed”.(7) If that number of children have been killed, how many men and women have fallen during the “truce”?

Meanwhile a war of words has begun over the convoy’s decision to traverse Syria. Galloway accuses pro-Palestinian critics of trying to damage the convoy for “sectarian reasons”, saying the route doesn’t imply support for “any side in any Arab to Arab conflict”.(8)

But opposing views are coming from even longtime supporters of Viva Palestina. For instance, UK-based pro-Palestinian activist Margaret Green, writing on the  convoy’s Facebook page, says the Syria route is “a dangerous move on many fronts, your own safety being paramount, and the convoy could be used as propaganda for the murderous Assad regime, giving any legitimacy to this regime is a foolish act.”(9)

To help readers make up their own minds about whether or not the convoy should be crossing Syrian territory, underneath are published four recent videos from and about Syria. 


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(5) The Times is quoting Kia Ora Gaza’s public statement of 16 April 2012.

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Huge anti-Assad demonstration in the Syrian city of Aleppo, four days ago


The Syrian regime’s slaughter of democracy advocates continues in Hama, five days ago

One Response to “War of words begins over Gaza convoy’s Syria route”

  1. Lilia Patterson May 12, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    If anyone is in any shadow of a doubt, about the intention of George Galloway, to collaborate in ignoring the death of more than 10,000 people across all of Syria, including Palestinians in a refugee camp who have been bombed from the Assad controlled warships on the Syrian Coast, and Palestinians in refugee camps across the country who have been shot at, by the Assad controlled army, who have sent snipers to shoot at Palestinians from rooftops in their refugee camps, and who have also been arrested, and put in prisons and tortured, just for being doctors attempting to try and save people’s lives, just the same as the Syrian and Kurdish people in Syria, have also been subject to the same war crimes against them, by the Assad regime in their own country, and instead George Galloway would prefer to allow himself to be used, alongside lies, as part of the Assad official PR propoganda machine, to pretend to the world that the Assad regime, cares about anything apart from themselves, then please see the official Assad controlled website, below, that totally fails to mention the desperate situation of the Syrian people, who are under military siege, and being slaughtered across the country, while using George Galloway, for political capital in front of the world, instead.

    As can be seen, the official Assad regime’s PR lies and propoganda machine, totally fails to make any mention of the 10,000 Syrian, Palestinian, and Kurdish people, killed, tortured, robbed, raped and horrifically injured, by the Assad military war crimes against the civilian population in their own country in the last year, and also totally fails to mention the fact that the CIA have used the Assad regime to murder and torture people from across the world, as part of the CIA ‘war of terror’ torture prison and torture rendition flights network, including from Abu Ghraib, Iraq, Bagram, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay, USA, for which Obama, Cheney and Bush, all now have criminal prosecutions against them in Canada, as a result, since the Canadian Syrian Maher Arar was unjustly sent to be tortured by the CIA, in Syria, by the Assad regime torture prison network, as part of the CIA’s international illegal and criminal torture prison network, despite having committed no crime.

    Therefore please if anyone thinks that the Assad regime, are enemies of the USA, or Israel, please note, that this can not be considered as ‘true’ since the Assad regime is in fact, part of the ‘secret’ Obama, Bush Cheney, CIA illegal torture prison network, as part of the ‘control’ apparatus, that includes the Euro-Russian-American colonial state of “Israel”, using Assad as part of the same repression of the authentic Syrian and Palestinian Semitic people in their own land, instead. Therefore it can only be considered that George Galloway, therefore is demonstrating his aim to continue to allow himself and the Palestinian cause, of the people in Gaza, to be used only for political capital, of the Assad regime at the expense of the Syrian, and Palestinian and Kurdish and other ethnic minorities in Syria today, but also he is therefore demonsrating that he is justifying the continuation of part of the secret CIA illegal torture tactics against people from across the planet, that the secretive Assad / CIA illegal torture alliance, represent as part of the same deal.

    Please note, that even the Palestinian Hamas representatives have now left Syria, as a result of the oppression of the people of Syria, in the last year, by the Assad regime, and therefore can no longer be considered associated with the Assad regime in any way and have also shown their support FOR the Syrian, Palestinian and Kurdish people in Syria, AGAINST the Assad regime, by allowing solidarity demonstrations for the Syrian revolution in Gaza in recent days.

    Please see below, for evidence of a Reuters photograph of the Palestinian pro-Syrian revolutionary struggle against the Assad regime for evidence of the Hamas representatives of Gaza, no longer pretending to have any allegiance to the Assad regime who have been seen to perform illegal war crimes against the civilian population of Syria, using disproportionate military aggression against the Syrian, Palestinian and Kurdish people, across not just all of Syria, but also in incursions into neighbouring Lebanon and by the Assad regime sponsoring terrorist bomb attacks in Turkey as well. These are all war crimes by the Assad regime in international law, for which the Assad regime, should be prosecuted at the international criminal court in international law, for war crimes not just in Syria, but also in Lebanon, and in Turkey as well.

    Please note, when the Assad regime state that they do not want foreign interference, in relation to Syrian affairs, please note, that this statement totally fails to mention the foreign interference, that Assad is instead benefiting from in the form of $ 60 BILLION in Russian weapons deals, to aid and abet the Assad regime to perform war crimes against the entire population of Syria, but also fails to mention the foreign Russian and Iranian intelligence officers and Iranian militias who have been found to be aiding and abetting the Assad regime in their war crimes against the Syrian population, including Palestinians, and Kurds, and other ethnic minorities at the same time.

    Please see here, for the official Assad regime state-sponsored SANA PR propaganda machine, using George Galloway for political capital, while failing to mention the death of more than 10,000 people in Syria, by the Assad military apparatus, using foreign Russian and Iranian weapons and personnel, to direct the Assad military campaign against the Syrian, Palestinian, and Kurdish people, in their own homes, and on their own land:

    Reuters photograph, of Hamas sanctioned, Palestinian, Syrian revolution, solidarity march, Gaza that was used in a BBC article, that described the move of Hamas, to leave, Syria, and disassociate themselves from the Assad regime.

    Image source, BBC article:

    To quote from the BBC article, Hamas clearly demonstrate that they are not with the Assad regime, and they clearly do not associate with them, since they are killing all the people in Syria, indiscriminately, including Palestinians, so therefore this means, that George Galloway is now also isolating himself, and can not be considered even alligned to the representatives of Hamas, from Gaza, from whom George Galloway would like to gain political prestige from at the same time.

    “Mr Abu Marzouk told the Associated Press on Sunday that Hamas still had offices in Syria, but acknowledged that “practically, we are no longer in Syria because we could not practice our duties there”.
    Palestinians in Gaza City protest against the Syrian government (21 February 2012) Hamas has allowed protests against the Syrian government in the Gaza Strip

    “Our position on Syria is that we are not with the regime in its security solution, and we respect the will of the people,” he added.

    He said Hamas wanted to keep its ties with Iran, but stood up to the government in Tehran in refusing to publicly support President Assad”.


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