Past three days sees ongoing protests in Damascus, Syria

20 May

Big and numerous democracy protests in Syria tend to take place each Friday, the traditional holy day. Last Friday, 18 May, was no exception, with 750 demonstrations occurring across the entire country.

In the capital Damascus, however, the protests have carried on since last Friday. These videos give a sense of the ongoing demonstrations in Syria’s political and commercial hub over the past three days.


Monster anti-regime demonstration in Zamalka district of Damascus, 18 May 2012


A demonstration in the central Damascus suburb of Zahera calling for the ouster of Syria’s dictator kicks off inside Ashmar mosque, 18 May 2012


Democracy protesters take over central city streets in Damascus, 19 May 2012


Evening mobilisation of democracy advocates in the Deir/Al-Asafeer region of Damascus, 19 May 2012


Night-time demonstration against the Assad regime in the Speineh district of Damascus, 20 May 2012



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