Can Israel use Sinai attack to escape its strategic impasse?

8 Aug

Stratfor, 6 August 2012. A Texas-based private intelligence agency with close links to the US state, Stratfor echoes many of the Israeli propaganda themes that Tel Aviv hopes will provide an exit from its strategic impasse in the wake of the Arab Spring.


by Grant Morgan

editor of

8 August 2012

Last Sunday evening, at an obscure Egyptian security post in Sinai near Gaza and Israel, 16 policemen were killed in a deadly raid that could well change geopolitics in the Middle East and ripple out into the world beyond.

The state of Israel, enforcer of a crippling blockade on Gaza, has been looking on in horror at the Egyptian democracy revolution on its southern border and the Syrian people’s uprising on its northern border. Tel Aviv sees these two grassroots revolts as representing a grave strategic threat to Zionist control of historic Palestine.

Now the state of Israel is exploiting Sunday’s Sinai raid as a possible escape route from the seemingly inescapable strategic threat posed to Zionism by the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and Syria. 

Tel Aviv is pressing Cairo for a security lockdown of Sinai that includes full restoration of the siege of Gaza, which Egypt’s new president Mohamed Morsi had been moving towards ending. That would shove Egypt back into the arms of Israel, and also bring comfort to Syria’s embattled dictator Bashar Assad, whose dynasty has long been a “safe” enforcer of Zionism’s northern border.

Cairo has “indefinitely” closed its Rafah border crossing with Gaza, while Egyptian security forces are now sealing the many hundreds of smuggling tunnels from Egypt to Gaza which are the lifeline of the besieged Palestinian enclave. The Hamas government of Gaza has likewise sealed its end of the tunnels while cracking down on local “jihadi elements”.

Tel Aviv’s propaganda campaign about “Islamic terrorism” has gone into overdrive. The Zionist criminals who in 2009 killed over 1,000 civilians during their invasion of Gaza, and who imposed a ruinous land, sea and air blockade on the coastal strip, are now weeping crocodile tears over Sunday’s 16 deaths in Sinai. So are their imperial allies in Washington, the funders of Israeli apartheid, who have terrorised the Middle East with bloody invasions and threats of war.

But can Israel really escape its strategic impasse in the wake of the Arab Spring? That is far from certain as the MidEast’s tide of history continues to flow in the direction of democracy, constantly threatening to swamp Zionist colonisers and Arab dictators and their imperial allies.

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