Palestine ex-minister urges UN bid, end to Oslo Accord

17 Sep

Former Palestinian cabinet minister Hassan Asfour


by Ma’an News Agency in Bethlehem

16 September 2012

Former Palestinian cabinet minister Hassan Asfour said Sunday that the Palestinian leadership should declare statehood, end interim agreements with Israel, and threaten to withdraw recognition of the country if it doesn’t engage with peace talks.

“When we talk about the Oslo Accord, the period of the agreement ended after the failure of Camp David summit in 2002,” Asfour said in an interview with Ma’an.

He called for leaders to pursue a vote at the United Nations when it meets later this month to upgrade Palestine’s membership status.

Asfour continued: “A Palestinian state under the Israeli occupation should be announced, the security services and its role should be rebuilt, all decisions relating to transitional agreements should be canceled, and recognition of Israel must be withdrawn if Israel refuses to continue with the peace process and right of return [for Palestinian refugees].”

The former Fatah minister warned of an Israeli-American plan to divide Palestine, with Gaza as an Islamic emirate under Egypt and parts of the West Bank under Jordan with temporary borders, and Israel retaining control of most of the territory.

Syria is key to countering the plan, and “the real solution is in the hands of Syria and Russia,” he said, criticising Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi’s stance against the Syrian regime’s brutal crackdown.

He also slammed the current Fatah leadership for not taking these warnings seriously.

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