West Bank cabinet justifies economic and social stance

19 Sep

Palestinian Authority cabinet in session


by Ma’an News Agency in Ramallah

18 September 2012

article abridged

The Palestinian Authority (PA) will continue making efforts to overcome the financial crisis resulting from decreases in aid from donor countries and organisations, the PA cabinet said Tuesday.

The government said it had reduced expenses and cut payments to civil servants who receive relatively high salaries as part of the efforts to cope with the protests against the rising cost of living.

“Deductions will be paid back as soon as possible,” a statement issued after the meeting said.

The statement asserted that the ministry of economy had intensified its efforts to control local markets and make sure consumers are not exploited and prevent basic commodity prices from being raised unjustifiably. The concerned organisations have been cooperative, especially the customer protection association, it said.

Once again, the cabinet reiterated that the Israeli occupation was the major reason which prevents sustainable development of the Palestinian economy.

Aspects of Israel’s domination of the Palestinian economy, according to the PA cabinet, are the crippling siege imposed on Gaza, obstacles to development and investment in the West Bank’s Area C, and the ongoing confiscation of natural resources in these areas.

The cabinet applauded the performance of the central elections commission, saying the first stage of preparations for local elections had been successfully completed.

The cabinet also addressed the demands presented by trade unions, asserting that the government was doing its best to deal with these demands as much as possible. Unions should suspend protests in order to provide a good atmosphere for dialogue based on partnership and responsibility, it said. 

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