Wellington mobilisation for Gaza last Saturday

26 Nov

150 people marched in solidarity with Gaza last Saturday in Wellington, NZ. For a couple of dozen more photos of the mobilisation, go to Free Gaza: Wellington. Thanks to Alastair Reith.

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  1. Tom Van Meurs November 26, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

    150 demonstrators is far too few and in fact does not help the Palestinian cause very much. I reiterate what I have said on many occasions before that the general by our pro-Zionist/Israel media misinformed public need to be EDUCATED on the issue.
    That can only be done by informing the public by means of regular paid advertisements in our national newspapers setting out the case for Palestine. It is an initial investment that will eventualy generate more money and people (letter writers to the press) who will join our cause and put pressure on our parliamentarians to take action.
    Contraviews NZ (www.contraviewing.blogspot.com)

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