New team takes the lead in Kia Ora Gaza

18 Feb
Grant Morgan (right), retiring chair of Kia Ora Gaza, congratulates his successor, Roger Fowler

Grant Morgan (right), the retiring chair of Kia Ora Gaza, congratulates his successor, Roger Fowler


by Grant Morgan

 retiring chair of Kia Ora Gaza

18 February 2013

After two-and-a-half years as Kia Ora Gaza’s chair and website editor, I retired from those roles at our leadership forum last weekend.

The reason? Over the past half-dozen years I have researched, written and spoken about how global capitalism is in overshoot on all main fronts and, consequently, is on an unstoppable collapse trajectory. Examples of my longer writings can be seen here and here.

Well before Kia Ora Gaza was set up in July 2010, I had made commitments to others about progressing our collective work on the end times of the current world system. Now that we are getting nearer to the launch of our capitalist collapse website, I must clear the decks of other tasks, and thus my resignation from all leadership roles in Kia Ora Gaza.

Over the past 12 months, I have advised other leaders of Kia Ora Gaza of my intention to step down as chair and website editor. For them, my resignation comes as no surprise whatsoever.

I have no doubt that the transition will be smooth. Why? Because other leaders have risen up to take the reins of Kia Ora Gaza, and will likely do a better job than what I’ve done.

Roger Fowler, for instance, has led two Kia Ora Gaza aid missions to Gaza, went on an investigative mission to the strip last October, and subsequently organised the successful tour of New Zealand by UK film-maker Harry Fear who documented Israel’s last murderous blitz on Gaza.

It’s fitting, therefore, that Roger was elected the new chair of Kia Ora Gaza by popular acclaim at our leadership forum. He will also take over as website editor.

Alongside Roger on a new executive are Tali Williams and Hone Fowler, both of them Gaza convoyers. These three make a talented and dedicated leadership team.

Together with Roger, Ismail Waja and Robyn Hughes remain as trustees of Kia Ora Gaza.

It’s customary for a retiring chair to express well wishes to the incoming chair and the new leadership team, and I certainly do so. But I don’t really think they need any well wishes from me, or anyone else, since they are already proven as leaders of Kia Ora Gaza.

Given the vast changes which have swept the Middle East over recent times, and which are increasingly being felt inside Gaza, the West Bank and their colonial oppressor Israel, it’s an appropriate time for a new team to take the lead in Kia Ora Gaza.

I remain, of course, a strong advocate of Kia Ora Gaza and the cause of Gaza and wider Palestine.

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  1. Douglas Fisher February 19, 2013 at 10:47 am #

    It is thanks to both of you, that
    Kia Ora exists and helps make the world a better place.

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