Will this be a break-through for Palestinian unity?

24 Apr

fe194df4e8ca169ab443f73e925bdbf2Agreement reached at the reconciliation conference held at PM Ismail Haniyeh’s home in Gaza (Al Ray Photo: 23 April, 2014)

Gaza, Al Ray, 23 April 2014

Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Wednesday announced the end of the (Hamas-Fatah) Palestinian split, which had lasted seven years, and the schedules to implement the previous reconciliation agreements.

In a statement delivered by Haniyeh on behalf of the reconciled movements, the PM said the two parties agreed on the previous Doha and Cairo understandings as references for the implementation steps.

The two sides agreed that (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas set off talks with the political parties …as of the day of this agreement and announced the formation of a consensus government within five weeks.

The parties stressed the concurrence of the legislative, presidential, and the PLO’s National Council elections, with President Abbas authorized to set a date for elections in consultation with the national forces, to be held at least six months after the formation of the government.

Concerning the PLO, the two sides agreed to develop the ‘PLO Validation Committee’ to exercise its functions (as) stipulated in the previous agreements, within five weeks since the commencement date of the agreement. 

The two sides also agreed on the activation of the social reconciliation committee and the application of the Cairo agreement provisions on public freedoms. 

The parties agreed also to activate the Palestinian Legislative Council to take the role assigned to it.

The statement concluded by thanking Egypt for its contributions to uniting the Palestinian brothers, pinning hopes on the Arab role in supporting the application of the reconciliation.

Hamas and Fateh’s disagreement surfaced after the former rose to power through the 2006 legislative elections by a sweeping majority. (Slightly abridged.Ed)

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