Protests in 30 European cities: end siege of Gaza

28 Apr


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Protests calling for ending the Gaza siege were held on Saturday in 30 European cities.

Chairman of the Euro-Mediterranean observatory for human rights Rami Abdou said that 30 European cities in 12 countries including Germany, France and Italy, witnessed Saturday massive protests in solidarity with Gaza, under the title “The European Day for Ending the Siege on Gaza”.

Abdou said that European streets turned to “an uprising for human dignity”, rejecting the unjust siege on Gaza that entered its 8th year.

“That day is the start of a new solidarity wave with the Palestinian people in Gaza,” Abdou told Anadolu agency. “Ending the siege on Gaza is not the cause of Palestinians alone, it’s the cause of every human being with consciousness and all defenders of justice and truth.”

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