Palestinians meet in Paris: demand right to return

5 May


Anustup Roy, Press TV, Paris, 3 May 2014

Thousands of Palestinians gathered in the French capital this weekend to claim their right to return to the Israeli-occupied territories.

Thousands of Palestinians have gathered in Paris for the 12th Congress of Palestinians in Europe. Many have come from far and wide in Europe, and they all have one big wish: return to Palestine.

In 1948, a million Palestinians were thrown out of their homes and their properties were given to Israeli settlers. The Palestinians call it, the Naqba or catastrophe. The very next year, the Israeli regime was created. In 1967, a fresh wave of expulsions took place when over a million more Palestinians were forced to leave the occupied territories.

Over the following six decades, Palestinian families have kept their keys, a strong sign that they want to return home. On the sidelines of the meeting, there are programs showing Palestinian culture, and painting exhibitions.

The thousands of Palestinians who have gathered here say they have their basic right of return to their homeland and will continue their fight. They will hold another conference next year.

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