NZ Palestine Solidarity Network launched

14 May

protest-sets-off                   Aucklanders protest after Israel’s ‘Pillar of Cloud’ attacks on Gaza
You can help the Palestinian struggle for human rights
The Palestine Solidarity Network has been established to organise New Zealand solidarity and support for the Palestinian struggle for human rights and promote the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign against Israeli apartheid. It’s an initiative which arose from the 2013 New Zealand Conference on Palestine.
The BDS campaign in particular is very similar to the international campaign to isolate apartheid South Africa. It campaigns for Israeli compliance with United Nations resolutions and international law and
·         end Israeli occupation of Palestinian land
·         end discrimination against Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel
·         enforce Israeli acceptance of the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties in Israel
To make this campaign effective we need your financial support.
For the first time in New Zealand we will be employing someone to help co-ordinate a nationwide campaign against Israeli apartheid just as the anti-apartheid movement employed people to campaign against South African apartheid in the 1970s and 1980s.
We intend the person to work for at least one day a week for a start but we hope to increase this to full time as soon as possible.
Our initial aim is to raise $200 per week – wages and associated expenses and we know most of you reading this will be able to help.
Our bank account name is: Palestine Solidarity Network
Account Number: 38 9015 0849542 00
We hope you will be keen to join and support this very important human rights initiative.
Anyone pledging money will receive regular updates from the PSN about progress in the various solidarity campaigns.
When you have made your pledge please send an email to so we can keep track of donors.
We look forward to you joining this important initiative.

Janfrie Wakim – Palestine Human Rights Campaign
John Minto – Global Peace and Justice Auckland
Roger Fowler – Kia Ora Gaza
Billy Hania – Palestine Human Rights Campaign
Doug Robertson – Socialist Aotearoa

For the Palestine Solidarity Network.

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