Auckland: first city to take part in world-wide day of action

7 Jun


VIDEO: Earlier today, Auckland became the first city in the world to stage a protest activity on the international Palestine solidarity day known as the ‘Global March on Jerusalem 2014’. Activities are set to take place in many cities around the world on this day. The spirited Auckland gathering of over 60 hardy Kiwis who took part in a the mid-winter, downtown rally, attracted the attention of hundreds of others who took leaflets – many eager to discuss the issues and offer support.

Speakers from Kia Ora Gaza and Palestine Human Rights Campaign advocated for Jerusalem to be recognised as the capital of Free Palestine and for building the world-wide movement of boycotts and action to end Israel’s occupation and annexation of Palestinian land, and the illegal siege of Gaza.

Members of Auckland University Students for Justice in Palestine, Global Peace & Justice Auckland, and the recently launched NZ Palestine Solidarity Network also supported the rally.


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