Solidarity convoy delivers urgent medical aid to Gaza

26 Jul


Kia Ora Gaza has launched an Emergency Medical Aid for Gaza Appeal. See the sidebar of this website for details. Our NZ funds will support this effective international project. The photo show some of the aid from the second convoy of 16 trucks being unloaded in Gaza yesterday.

By Azra Banu, Viva Palestina Malaysia, 26 July 2014

Alhamdulillah, at about 1.30am Malaysian time, 16 trucks filled with USD500,000 worth of medicine, IV infusions, surgical sutures and ICU medications crossed Rafah and reached Gaza Ministry of Health.

This was no small feat as it was an international collaboration between medical associations, donors, charitable organisations and NGOs, including Viva Palestina Malaysia.

The trucks entry into Gaza wasn’t without challenges and we were left at the edge of our seats last night waiting for word of its crossing. It was like following some epic journey and you can just imagine our collective sigh of relief upon hearing the good news.

But as elated as we are that our aid has gotten through, we know there’s still much to be done.

International panel of doctors are on standby waiting to relieve their overworked counterparts in Gaza. We hope they will be allowed entry soon.

The injured, hungry and homeless need taking care of. We hope to be able to do that soon.

Devastated Gaza needs rebuilding and we hope to aid in that too.

Thank you can never be enough to all those who contributed to the aid and to the trucks crossing. We pray for more aid to be allowed through.

End the occupation. Free Palestine.

Full list of partners

Federation of Islamic Medical Association (FIMA)
Arab Medical Union
Pakistan Islamic Medical Association
Viva Palestina Malaysia
Aqsa Syarif
Islamic Medical Association Malaysia
Islamic Medical Association North America
DWW Turkey
Pakistan IMA
Al Khidmat Pakistan
Gift of Givers
IMA Jordan
IMA Qatar
Ikram Health
Mercy Malaysia
And all the other affiliates of FIMA

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