Israel launches massive military attacks on Gaza Strip

29 Jul


BY PT EDITOR The Palestine Telegraph, 29 July 2014


Gaza – Massive Israeli attacks target Gaza civilians in different parts of the Gaza strip. The army has launched immense air and artillery shells in the northern, southern and central parts of Gaza.

Abu Khusa family house in central Gaza was bombed leaving a number of dead and wounded. Another house for Abu Shalof family in Rafah was bombed wounding 15 children. Al Qurmzi mosque in eastern Gaza of Al Shijaya was also bombed.

Rockets targeted key Gaza factories like the juice and soft drinks as well as the carton factory. Public and civilian targets have been bombarded including Al Amin Mosque in western Gaza and Al Sanabil residential complex in the area.

Following the speech of Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli attacks on Gaza escalated where more than 150 rockets fired at different civilian targets.

Clashes reportedly erupted in eastern Gaza city and eastern-central parts of Gaza Strip as Israeli army tried to advance in those neighbourhoods. Palestinian resistance managed to counter Israeli soldiers trying to break into Gaza.

Israel has killed more than 30 people today mostly children. The army killed 10 children who were playing and celebrating the Muslim Eid feast.  The death toll exceeded 1170 most of them are women and children.

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