Israel bombs another UN school in Gaza: 43 dead

30 Jul

Palestinian firefighter reacts as he tries to put out a fire at Gaza's main power plant in the central Gaza Strip

Palestinian firefighter at the scene after Gaza’s sole power station was bombed by Israel yesterday.

Reuters report, 30 July 2014. Gaza.

At least 43 people have been killed in Gaza, including many at a UN school, during another night of heavy shelling, medics said.

Dozens of people, including a young child, were killed in the early hours of Wednesday, as the conflict between Israel and Hamas entered its 23rd day.

The Jabalia refugee camp, used as a shelter for those displaced by the war, was shelled shortly after 5:30am (0230 GMT), a UN official said.

The death toll of Palestinians has reached 1245.


Thick black smoke rose from blazing fuel tanks at Gaza’s only power station which Israel knocked out on Tuesday. Officials said the plant could be out of action for a year.

Power was cut to the city of Gaza and other parts of the territory after what officials said was Israeli tank shelling of the tanks containing 3 million liters of diesel fuel. [See photo above].

“The power plant is finished,” said its director, Mohammed al-Sharif. An Israeli military spokeswoman had no immediate comment and said she was checking the report.


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