Lifting the siege: not a ‘Hamas demand’ – it’s a human right

30 Jul

Palestinian Journalist Mohammed Omer: ‘Lifting the Blockade Isn’t a Hamas Demand—It’s a Human Right’

Democracy Now! report from Gaza, 29 July 2014

The Palestinian death toll has topped 1,100 after one of the deadliest 24-periods since the Israeli assault on Gaza began 22 days ago. Most of the dead have been civilians. More than 180,000 Palestinians have been displaced over the past three weeks — that is roughly 10 percent of the population of Gaza.

Award-winning Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer. “I believe Israel wants to make people turn against the resistance,” Omer says. “There is no way for people to turn against the resistance — in fact it is the other way around. People in the street say we do support resistance because that is the only way to end the occupation. … I’m afraid we are going to have more radical generations in the Gaza Strip, and I fear for the future of Gaza and the future of the West Bank — and I fear the future of the region if the international community is not acting now to end the blockade and the operation in Gaza.”




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