UN chief breaks down while describing carnage in Gaza

31 Jul


A UNRWA representative in Gaza, Chris Gunness, couldn’t go on to speak about Israeli genocide during an Al Jazeera TV interview. He had seen a lot of bodies only a few hours before and wanted to make a statement about the misery and the Israeli terror. [Youtube video of Al Jazeera report 30 July 2014]



At least 19 die in Jabaliya attack condemned by UN agency as “source of universal shame” that breaks international law.

Al Jazeera‘s Imtiaz Tyab reports from Gaza. 30 July, 2014

Israeli attack on crowded market during ceasefire is ‘barbarity personified’

Ministry of Health Gaza is outraged at the Israeli massacre perpetrated during the so-called humanitarian ceasefire, when F-16s fired missiles into the crowded Shujeiyah market as hundreds took advantage of the lull to buy food and supplies.

At least 17 people have been killed and 200 injured.

“This atrocity is barbarity personified,” said Director General, Ministry of Health Dr Medhat Abbas.

Not satisfied with exterminating entire families in their own homes, not satisfied with killing people praying in mosques, not satisfied with killing patients, staff and visitors in hospitals, not satisfied with killing ambulance drivers as they retrieve the dead and injured, not satisfied with killing women and children sheltering in UNRWA schools, the Israeli death machine now blatantly attacks a crowded public market DURING a humanitarian ceasefire, in an unrivalled cruel and cynical exercise of savagery and barbarism.

The Ministry of Health Gaza condemns this latest atrocity in the strongest possible terms, and considers that any further prevarication by the international community can only be seen as complicity in the increasingly barbaric and clearly genocidal war crimes being visited on the citizenry of Gaza.

The Ministry demands immediate international intervention to bring the rogue ‘state’ of Israel under control, and an immediate end to its carnage in Gaza.

[The number of Palestinians killed during Israel’s offensive now stands at over 1300. 58 Israelis have died. Ed]






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