Guess who wants to control Gaza’s offshore gas reserves

18 Aug


The Real News, 17 August 2014.

The Israeli assault on Gaza has dominated international headlines for weeks. The Palestinian death toll has surpassed 2,000, with more than 65 Israelis dead. But what’s gotten less attention is the role that Gaza’s estimated 1.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves, valued at $4 billion, has played.

Real News producer Anton Woronczuk discusses this with Dr. Nafeez Ahmed. His recent piece in The Guardian is titled “IDF’s Gaza Assault Is to Control Palestinian Gas, Avert Israeli Energy Crisis”.

  • Nafeez Ahmed is a bestselling author, investigative journalist and international security scholar. A regular Guardian contributor on the geopolitics of interconnected environmental, energy and economic crises, he is the author of A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization and How to Save It, which inspired his documentary feature film, The Crisis of Civilization. His debut science fiction novel inspired by true events is ZERO POINT.
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