The bombing has halted, but many wounded are dieing

14 Oct


Ashraf Shannon, Press TV, Gaza, 13 October 2014

More Gazans die nearly seven weeks after Israel’s 50-day war on the Gaza Strip came to an end. The war on Gaza ended on the 26th of August, but over two dozen of those who were severely wounded have died since then. Arafat Tafesh is the latest victim.

He was wounded during the Israeli shelling of a market in Gaza’s Shejaiyah neighborhood in late July. The young man succumbed to his wounds on Friday afternoon at the al-Makased hospital in occupied East Jerusalem Al-Quds.
Around 2,200 Gazans including hundreds of children and women were killed during the almost non-stop Israeli bombardments.

Israeli warplanes, tanks and navy spared no one in Gaza as they attacked civil infrastructure, hospitals and medical crews.

Hospitals in Gaza including the al-Shifa, Gaza’s main health center, also did not have enough medicines or medical staff to deal with influx of injuries. The Israeli carnage also left over 11,000 wounded including hundreds in critical condition.
Experts say lack of medicines and surgical supplies during Israel’s Fifty Day War played a significant role in the high number of fatalities among the wounded.


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