Power crisis brings dark times for patients in Gaza

15 Oct


PressTV report, Gaza.

The power shortage doesn’t only affect the ordinary people in Gaza. Many patients in the hospital have also been hit the hardest by this crisis; patients whose lives are dependent on the medical devices run by electricity. Their illnesses are different, but they are all joined by the same issue; battling to survive.

The power crisis worsened after the only power plant providing power for the people in the Palestinian territory was knocked out by an Israeli attack in July. The densely-populated region is without electricity for nearly 18 hours a day. The Ministry of Health has announced that the hospitals generators will soon stop working. It also said many of its administrative and service facilities have stopped functioning due to both power and fuel shortage.

People here say the years-long Israeli blockade is the root cause of the ongoing electricity and fuel crisis. The reconciliation deal between Fatah and Hamas, and the Palestinian national unity government have raised hope for reconstruction in Gaza. Following Israel’s war on Gaza, Fatah and Hamas, agreed in September that the unity government would take control of blockaded territory and play a key role in its reconstruction. These patients, who continue to suffer in the hospital, have urged the Palestinian National Unity Government to help put an end to the acute electricity and medical shortages in blockaded Gaza.

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