Welcome to Khuzaa, Gaza Strip

16 Oct


Video: ‘Welcome to Khuzaa’

Walid Rouk showed Kia Ora Gaza volunteer Roger Fowler around his village of Khuzaa in November 2012 just after the prelude to Israel’s ‘Pillar of Cloud’ 8 day onslaught on Gaza began with the killing of a boy from the village. During the visit Israeli tanks loomed nearby & helicopters & drones hovered menacingly overhead, as local farmers ran for cover as more random shots rang out.

Nearly two years later Walid’s recent video (above) shows what Khuzaa looks like today, after Israel’s latest 51 day bombardment of Gaza. Walid welcomes his guest Denny Cormier from USA to his town.

Here is Walid’s introduction:

My name is Walid Rouk.  I am a Palestinian.  I am 24 years old, and I am a college graduate.  Despite my best efforts, I remain unemployed.  I have lived with my family in Khuza’a for my whole life – it is a small village that is located to the east of Khan Younis in Gaza. The village is right beside the border with Israel.  Most of my village was recently destroyed.  It has been attacked many times.  During the recent attack on Gaza by Israel, my little village was attacked by constant shelling and bombing over 51 days.  Israeli soldiers and tanks entered our village. Our beautiful village was destroyed in these attacks…. Many homes were destroyed.  Many other homes were severely damaged.  Our mosques were bombed.  My home was bombed. We are a farming community and even our farms and greenhouses were destroyed. Many people were killed during these attacks including friends and neighbors.  Thanks to Allah, my family is safe.


Here is an Aljazeera documentary on the 10 day attack and siege of Khuzaa;


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