When did Israel cease fire?

24 Oct

 images-1 Israeli tank (file photo)

Editor, Redress Information & Analysis, 22 October 2014

Although the BBC and other media are reporting that the “ceasefire” is holding, when did Israel ever cease fire?

In the last few days two Palestinian children have been killed in the West Bank. Bahaa Badr – a 13-year-old boy – was shot dead by Israeli soldiers following demonstrations against the occupation.

A five year old girl, Einas Khalil, was run over and killed by a settler, it is believed deliberately. No one has been arrested.

A video has emerged of Israeli soldiers imprisoning, handcuffing and blindfolding a mentally disabled Palestinian child.

Israeli soldiers rough up disabled Palestinian child while Jewish squatters cheer them on

More details have also emerged about the torture and death of Raed al-Jabari in Israeli prison.

Israel’s waves of attacks and imprisonment of Palestinians continue.

Israeli violence also continues against Palestinians in Gaza. The UN has reported seven incidents in Gaza from 30 September to 13 October where Israeli forces opened fire. One incident caused an injury, and forced Palestinian farmers to leave their agricultural land.

Israeli forces also made an incursion and levelled Palestinian land in Gaza, reportedly entering up to approximately 150 metres across the border.

On two occasions during the reporting period, Is­raeli naval forces opened warning shots at Palestin­ian fishing boats sailing near the Israeli-declared six-nautical-mile (NM) fishing limit. No injuries were reported.

Access restrictions at land and sea continue to undermine the agricultural sector in Gaza, which is the primary source of income for thousands of farmers and fishermen and their fami­lies (see UNOCHA report).

And, contrary to the terms of the ceasefire deal signed in August, the blockade of Gaza has not been lifted.


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