Fitting-out Kiwi-sponsored ambulance for Gaza

31 Oct


Despite the tightening of the siege of Gaza imposed by Israel and Egypt, work continues in a Cairo workshop, to fit-out and prepare a fleet of 20 internationally-sponsored ambulances to be ready for delivery to Gaza. The photos show one of the Kiwi-sponsored ambulances being worked on. Each ambulance will be fully equipped.

Kia Ora Gaza has joined with many other countries in this solidarity project to help break the siege by replacing some of the 30+ ambulances targetted & destroyed by Israeli bombing raids during their recent 51 day war against Gaza.

Our partners from Malaysia and the Arab Medical Union are currently attending a meeting in the Qatari capital, Doha, to help organise international cooperation for desperately needed practical support and aid for Palestinians.

See reports about this Doha gathering, and the tightening of the siege on Gaza, elsewhere on this website.


These new fully-equipped ambulances will help replace the dozens destroyed by Israeli shelling during their 51 day ‘Operation Protective Edge’ onslaught on Gaza – like this one:


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