NZ Superfund: you have mail

20 Nov


Palestine Solidarity Network media release,  20 November 2014

Superannuitants to protest NZ Superfund Investments supporting the Occupation of Palestinian land

A delegation of Auckland superannuitants will deliver a protest-card petition and protest letter to the New Zealand Super Fund this Thursday afternoon to call on the fund to divest from companies which support the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

The group of approximately a dozen will make the delivery at 2pm today – Thursday 20 November – to the Superfund office at Level 12, 21 Queen Street, Auckland.

“We are appalled that the Superfund would invest in companies which are helping Israel to violate international law, ignore United Nations resolutions and assist in a brutal military occupation of Palestinian land” says delegation leader Phil McNeale.

“As superannuitants we don’t want to have our superannuation come from the suffering of Palestinian people. The fund must stop profiting from brutality.”

“We are pleased that last year the fund withdrew from three companies involved in building illegal Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian land and also from a company helping build Israel’s apartheid wall. However Palestinians are also calling for divestment from the likes of Israeli banks which help finance illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.”

“The Superfund has only come half way and half-way is simply not good enough”, says Phil McNeale. “Older New Zealanders don’t want their superannuation dependent on unethical, immoral investments.”

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