Surviving among the rubble in Khuza’a, Gaza

11 Feb


Video report from B’Tselem, 8 February, 2015

Safiyeh a-Najar from Khuza’a describes her family’s life after Operation Protective Edge.

The town of Khuza’a lies in southern Gaza, east of Khan Yunis, some 500 meters from the Israeli border. According to the town council, some 15,000 residents lived there prior to the operation, in approximately 2,000 homes.

Testimonies that residents gave B’Tselem indicate that on 22 July 2014 – 2 days after ground forces entered Gaza – shooting and bombing of the town increased and many residents fled to schools in Khan Yunis.

According to the UN, 556 homes in the town were damaged in the operation, 336 of them destroyed. Many residents are still living in UN schools, with relatives, or in trailers. Some, like a-Najar’s family, are living in rough conditions in ruined houses, exposed to the elements.

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