What is it like to live in Gaza?

20 Feb

11004229_10153092153704589_1438801999_nBy Hazem Hasan, Correspondent from Gaza Strip, 20 February 2015. Exclusive to kiaoragaza.net

What is it like to live in Gaza?

Quite simply it is horrific. We suffer the sonic booms of war jets, buzzing drones, presence of war ships, artillery fire and enemy tanks – all in an area that is only 40 KM long and 15 KM wide. Fear and terrorism are maximized because all these weapons of war are being used in such a tiny piece of land.

Because the Zionists are so powerful and omnipresent in every influential sector of society and government worldwide, they are literally allowed to massacre the people of Gaza as they feel fit despite our attempts via social media to let the world know what is happening via photographs and eye witness accounts. Everyday I and many like me, upload images of death and destruction, send out pleas for help and words of desperation but it largely falls on deaf ears.

During the recent war, the Zionists have created many excuses to commit atrocities and genocide. They completely destroyed the al-Shija’eyyah neighbourhood because they claim there were a number of soldiers killed while they were invading our land. What do you expect? They are killing our people and destroying our homes. In response they pounded the neighbourhood with about 600 shells that resulted in 200 people being massacred and their bodies left decaying in the streets because we don’t have the infrastructure to deal with such destruction and loss of life. Hospitals are without power and also targets for attack, there is no army, no navy and we are in desperate need of medical supplies.

Israeli terrorists think it is acceptable to bomb our homes if they give us less than 50 seconds warning. I ask you, what could you do in 50 seconds? How far could you run? What if you have children, elderly or disabled relatives? What then?

You might wonder how they plan their targets? What you hear in the media is the claim that the targeted home belongs to a Hamas member, his relatives, friends or hosts. The drones play a major role in the act of killing and supposedly in the selection of targets. With their ever present buzzing, they create constant stress and spread the fear that there might be an imminent bombing at any time. These drones that cover the entire sky of the Gaza strip with their clever state of the art cameras which monitor everything on the ground and have a high capability of distinguishing civilians from resistance fighters (note the resistance fighters surely have the right to practice their universal right to defend the people of Gaza?) could easily spot ordinary civilians going about their daily lives or simply trying to flee and avoid them. But they don’t. With these tactics they create horror and kill anyone in their path.

The random killing of civilians is a device to terrify us. Every single person in the Gaza Strip feels as I do, that he or she is the next target of the Israeli bombing to be added to the already rising death toll. We fear the escalation of their crimes, wiping whole families off the map and the use of cluster and phosphorus bombs.

The use of globally-banned weapons against civilian targets is prevalent. Banned artillery has been used against the people in the Gaza Strip, namely in Sheja’eyyah, Khuza’ah and Rafah cities leaving a large number of families massacred and entire neighbourhoods swept away. The shells contain metal marbles and projectiles.

Then there are the war jets. Their sonic booms affect mostly the children and the most vulnerable within society and spread fear and horror. 90% of the air strikes were carried out using one ton bombs that have repercussions beyond killing individual people and destroying homes. Despite this, the Zionists don’t hesitate to use them against a single civilian home in the tiny Gaza Strip. This was the most used weapon in this war with more than 4000 airstrikes.

The psychological damage ravaged by this war is uncountable. The horror that emanates from the graphic images like a headless child and has profound and prolonged psychological effects across society as a whole.

The number of dispossessed people made homeless is enormous. Around 1000 homes were completely or partially destroyed. Homes of people who have spent decades and life savings to build.

What is it like to live in Gaza? Quite simply it is horrific.


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