Gaza outraged by Israel’s empty promises to lift siege

6 Mar


Hesham Mhanna, Press TV, Gaza Strip, 3 March 2015

Seven months have passed since a fragile ceasefire agreement was signed between Israel and Palestinians. But not much has changed so far.

Reconstruction processes in Gaza are still stopped, displaced families are still suffering in the makeshift houses and others in the streets without any sign of relief.

The despair of the people of Gaza, has been confirmed by Oxfam International in their latest report on the Reconstruction Process and its shocking findings regarding bringing normal life back to the impoverished enclave

Oxfam aid agency warned on Thursday that the rebuilding of homes, schools and hospitals in Gaza could take more than a century to complete, unless Israeli blockade restricting imports of construction materials into the Gaza Strip is lifted.

Gaza needs more than 800,000 truckloads of building materials to repair infrastructure damaged during Israel’s 2014 war on Gaza, yet less than a quarter of one percent of the materials needed, have entered Gaza in the last three months. Meanwhile, thousands of families are still reeling from displacement & insufferable living conditions due to the frozen reconstruction of impoverished Gaza.

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