Appeal for safety equipment for Gaza journalists

21 Mar

PressTV report from Gaza

They were not soldiers. They were even more powerful than soldiers. 11 brave journalists. They were on duty making the voice of the people of Gaza heard as Israeli bombs rained on the besieged coastal strip during the 51 day bombardments last summer.

Some of them were deliberately targeted since they were considered threats because of the message they carried to the world from Gaza. The Israeli attacks have not only targeted reporters, but also their equipment, vehicles and headquarters. International law regarding journalists being attacks during wartime is crystal clear. Protection under international law is meaningless in Gaza when journalists are deliberately attacked by Israeli forces. So far at least 11 of them have been killed on duty. Hopefully their sacrifice won’t be in vain and the culprits will be held responsible for their crimes.

Support the appeal to provide Gaza’s journalists with safety equipment: Donate here…/protect-local-journalists-of-ga…

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