Gaza through my eyes – a short video

1 Apr

Gaza Through My Eyes – An American Journey to Gaza (Episode 2) – غزة كما أراها – Gaza Welcomes Denny – March 2014

A short video published in Gaza on 27 March 2015

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On March 29, 2014, Denny Cormier, an American human rights activist and citizen journalist, crossed the border from Egypt into Gaza. He began a journey which reveals a world that is hidden from most Americans and from most other world citizens who live outside the fences, barricades, military outposts and gunboats that surround Gaza.

The siege and blockade of Gaza have minimized its contact with the outside world. Although that situation is rapidly changing, for most people Gaza is a place of mystery and myths – and a very false narrative.

The existing narrative has been dominated by a huge Israeli media and public relations machine. Sadly, Israel has made every effort to dehumanize a beautiful people and to justify the destruction of a beautiful place – to characterize Palestinians and their government as a people who are a threat to the outside world – to characterize Gaza as a place where terrorism is birthed.

That is not what Denny found in Gaza.

Gaza Through My Eyes is a series of short documentaries that will share a number of his experiences during the past year as an eye witness living on the ground in Gaza. It is a series of stories that will be told during the coming weeks and months in a number of episodes – each focusing on different realities of life in Gaza and each focusing on Denny’s ongoing experiences living among the Palestinians.

The series will focus on all aspects of life in Gaza – and that, we believe is a rather unique approach. There is great suffering in Gaza, but there is also vibrant life and vitality. A Palestinian said it best when she said – We Teach Life, Sir.


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