Israel to demolish entire Palestinian village in Negev

8 May


Falastin News,, 7 May 2015

Israeli Supreme Court decided to demolish “Atir” village in Negev to replace it by a Jewish village with pasturage.

The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in 1948 Occupied Palestine (Adalah) said, in a statement, that the Israeli court issued Tuesday evening a final decision to raze the village and displace its inhabitants.

The population of Atir village which is also called Um al-Hairan exceeds one thousand.

The demolition decision was issued after 13 years of judicial proceedings for cancelling the evacuation and demolition orders. However, the decisions made by Israeli Supreme Court cannot be appealed as it’s the highest judicial authority.

Adala Center opined that the court’s decision shows that the court admits the intention to replace the Palestinian village by a Jewish one.

The people of the village were moved into it by Israel in 1956 by an official order after they were displaced in 1948, it added.

The court, however, issued the order regardless of the humanitarian, political, social and historical dimensions, the center pointed out.

38 other Arab villages in Negev are unrecognized by Israelis since they occupied Palestine in 1948. The villages are inhabited by more than 85,000 Palestinians; all of them are Bedouin.

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