Flotilla ships sailing to Gaza

23 Jun


Former Tunisian President Dr Mohamed al-Marzouki (centre) joins other Freedom Flotilla participants in Greece.

Palestinian Information Centre report, Athens, 22 June 2015

The Freedom Flotilla III heading to blockaded Gaza will set sail within the next few hours despite Israeli threats to obstruct the humanitarian mission, head of the Miles of Smiles convoy, Dr. Issam Youssef,  said Monday.

Youssef said the benevolent activists expressed their commitment to head to the Gaza Strip and work on lifting the siege regardless of the threats and circumstances.

Tunisia’s ex-president Dr. Mohamed al-Moncef al-Marzouki, along with a number of Arab and European activists, arrived in Greece to join the convoy.

Youssef spoke out against Israeli intents to attack the campaigners, calling on the international community to take up its ethical responsibility in protecting the multi-national convoy.

Meanwhile, the European campaign to end the siege on Gaza called, in a press conference held in Gaza Monday, for providing protection to the pro-Palestine volunteers who have joined the Freedom Flotilla III.

It also pushed for taking legal action against Israeli assailants and filing suits with international courts.

Head of the Euro-mid Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdo, called for the need to urgently lift the siege on Gaza and open a waterway from Gaza’s seaport so as to assuage to crises rocking the besieged coastal enclave.

He urged the international community to seriously work on providing the delegation with the needed security shields, pushing for stepping up pressure on the Israeli occupation so as to lighten the noose tightened around Gazans’ necks.


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