Is the PA heading backwards to step forward?

7 Jul

photo19Dr Yousef Rizqa (photo: Kia Ora Gaza)

By Dr. Yousef Rizqa: Opinion piece, Palestinian Affairs, journal of the Centre for Political & Developmental Studies, Gaza City, 28/6/15

Dr Rizqa is a Palestinian intellectual and former advisor to former Palestinian Prime Minister. [See an earlier exclusive interview with Dr Rizqa, posted on on 27 December 2012.]

Palestinian Authority – going back to zero point

Abstract: By dismissing the Palestinian unity government, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas wants to send a message to France and Israel that he is ready to resume negotiations based on the Quartet’s Conditions and Fatah’s political programme.

The Palestinian issue has not achieved any progress ever since Mahmoud Abbas has come to power; even some parties claim that the issue has witnessed a setback during his time. He was the sole engineer of the Oslo Accords, the hero of negotiations, and none of his team can convince even a Palestinian child that they have made any progress.

Mahmoud Abbas has been defeated on the political as well as the personal level. His bitter defeat was his failure in the two-state solution. He wants to save himself after Israel, the U.S, and other Arab countries, have neglected him, by sticking to the French proposal to revive peace talks.

He claims that Jordan and Egypt have accepted the French proposal. He also stated that the new Palestinian government would not include people, who do not accept the Quartet on the Middle East’s conditions, condemn violence, and recognize Israel. A representative of Abbas called various Palestinian factions and informed them that he plans to form a new government that adopts the PLO’s program, which is based on recognizing Israel, refusing resistance, accepting the Quartet’s conditions, and adopting negotiations, and only negotiations, as a means to liberate the Occupied Territory.

Abbas knows that Hamas will not accept these conditions. Hamas’ spokesperson refused these conditions, and considered Abbas’ new plan a coup against what the movement has agreed upon with Fatah. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP, DFLP are not likely going to participate in Abbas’ new government, which makes it a Fatah government.

All indications suggest that the French proposal is behind the resignation of the unity government. He was directly involved in this proposal and he knows its detail very well. In fact, by dismissing the unity government, he sends messages to France and Israel and encourages them to go back to negotiations. In brief, Abbas wanted to bring Palestinian factions to the zero point again so that he could move a step forward.

[1] The article was first published in Arabic by Falsteen Newspaper. Available at:


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