No platform for war criminals on NZ campus!

28 Sep

11951888_900892559980225_6566237856820528015_nNo platform for war criminals on campus!

Students for Justice in Palestine (Victoria University) statement:

Victoria Uni should not host an event whitewashing Israeli war crimes!
Two IDF soldiers are on a speaking tour attempting to justify Israel’s horrific bombing of Gaza in 2014.
The IDF talk at Victoria University is part of the Israeli government’s propaganda programme to justify war crimes. Victoria University should not be a party to this.
In July 2014, Israel invaded the Gaza Strip in a military offensive it called ‘Operation Protective Edge’, killing 1,523 civilians including over 500 children. The international community, including New Zealand, condemned the attacks on civilian areas in Gaza. The United Nations stated that the heavy artillery and mortars were not designed for specific military targets. Massive carpet bombing of civilians is a war crime.
Decades of international diplomacy has failed to curtail Israel’s increasing racism, occupation, violence and expansionism. Palestinian civil society has called for non-violent Disinvestment, Boycott and Sanctions (BDS) to push Israel to comply with international law.
Victoria University must cut all ties with Israeli whitewashing, starting with this obvious defence of atrocities by the Israeli Defence Force. This is not a free speech issue; IDF soldiers represent the Israeli state. There is no neutral position on providing a platform to justify atrocities.
The IDF event is planned for Tuesday the 29th of September 2015, Cotton Building (Victoria University) at 8.30 pm.
SJP are calling for Victoria University to cancel the booking, and will picket the IDF event if it goes ahead.

Students For Justice in Palestine (Victoria University).

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  1. Tom Van Meurs September 28, 2015 at 7:21 pm #

    Let’s invite the (what was it again?) sixty or seventy IDF soldiers who had the courage to fronted up and testified about Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza.

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