5 years ago today: Kiwis on ‘Lifeline to Gaza’ convoy

29 Oct


VIDEO: Kia Ora Gaza sent a contingent of 6 Kiwis on the Viva Palestina ‘Lifeline to Gaza’ convoy in October 2010. This video presents a short summary of this historic mission. Kia Ora Gaza has sent NZ delegations on four international convoys to break the siege of Gaza.

Irish convoyer, John Hurson, reflects on the 2010 international solidarity convoy:

5 years ago today we departed Gaza after 4 days in the besieged region. I was part of the Viva Palestina convoy that delivered 150 vehicles filled with Humanitarian Aid. Sadly the situation there has not improved one iota, and the brutal siege now in it’s 10th year still strangles everyone locked up in the worlds largest prison. While 350 of us from across the world broke the siege that weekend, it needs to be broken for good and the besieged Palestinians in Gaza need their freedom and dignity restored by the permanent lifting of the siege. In our hundreds and in our thousands, we are all Palestinians. Viva Gaza, Viva Palestina (John Hurson, Irish convoyer)

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