Israeli forces kill another Palestinian in hospital raid

13 Nov


PressTV news report, 12 November 2015

Deadly violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank continues as Israeli forces kill a Palestinian man during a raid on a hospital.

The Palestinian Health Ministry says the incident took place in Al-Ahli hospital in the city of al-Khalil also known as Hebron. Israeli undercover agents also abducted the cousin of the victim who was hospitalized in the surgical ward. The patient was wounded during recent clashes with Israeli forces. Israeli forces say the victim was a Hamas member. Deadly violence between Palestinians and Israelis began after Israeli forces quelled Palestinian protests against Tel Aviv’s aggressions. At least 85 Palestinians including 17 children have been killed by Israelis since early October.

Ma’an News agency report, 12 November 2015.

Abdullah Shalaldah, 28, was shot dead by Israeli forces who raided the surgery unit of al-Ahli hospital in order to detain his cousin, Azzam Ezzat Shalaldah, 20. Azzam had been shot by an Israeli settler last month, and was being treated at the hospital.

Around 20 undercover Israeli soldiers entered the hospital at around 4:00 a.m, dressed as Palestinian women and men. Israeli media reported that the forces arrived in two large vans with someone pretending to be pregnant.

The forces tied up Azzam while Abdullah, who was in the bathroom at the time, entered the room and was shot dead on scene.

The undercover forces then retreated from the hospital with Azzam, taking him into custody, witnesses added.

Palestinian Health Minister Jawad Awad accused Israeli security forces of “executing” Abdallah al-Shalalda, who he said was escorting a relative inside the hospital.

“The international community must intervene to protect our people from the Israeli killing machine,” he said.

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