Israeli soldiers push disabled man from wheelchair

16 Feb


VIDEO: Israeli soldiers push disabled man from wheelchair after shooting a girl.

Ma’an New Agency report, Bethlehem, 15 February 2016

A video released by a Palestinian immediately after Israeli forces shot and critically injured a 14-year-old girl following an alleged attempted stabbing attack on Sunday, show Israeli forces assaulting bystanders.
In the video, an Israeli soldier pushes a disabled man in a wheelchair backwards, flipping over the man and his wheelchair. Two more Palestinians rush to the disabled man’s aide, while Israeli forces charge forward at other bystanders, shooting off a stun grenade.
The video shows Israeli forces attacking and threatening Palestinians who were attempting to get near Yasmin al-Zarou, who was shot near an Israeli checkpoint in Hebron city.

International Solidarity Movement report on the incident:

Today Israeli forces shot and critically injured 14-year-old Yasmin Rashad al-Zarou near Salaymeh checkpoint in occupied al-Khalil. After the shooting multiple videos showed Israeli forces much more concerned with violently keeping people away than with offering any medical care to the girl lying bleeding on the ground. Ma’an news reported that Palestinian witnesses stated al-Zarou was walking away from the checkpoint with her sister when she was shot six times. As in the numerous other shootings since the start of October in al-Khalil, Israeli forces claim it was a stabbing attempt. Israeli media reports al-Zarou was taken to the Shaare Zedek medical centre in Jerusalem.

The shooting came after Israeli forces had already shot dead three Palestinian children in alleged attacks on Sunday near Jenin and Bethlehem. On Saturday 18-year-old Kilzar al-Eweiei was shot dead in the same area, with an autopsy today revealing that prompt medical attention could have saved her life.

This video posted by Shehab News Agency was taken in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, as Israeli forces pushed people away, even tipping over a (man in a) wheelchair that tried to approach the girl and using a stun grenade against Palestinian bystanders.

This video shows Israeli forces and settlers gathered around the girl as she lies bleeding on the ground

A second shocking video shows Israeli medics and soldiers standing around her as she lies on a stretcher, interrogating her, not examining her or providing medical care and shoving away her outstretched hands

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