May 31 declared as world solidarity day with Gaza

30 May

Freedom-Flotilla-m_3356251k-660x330The Women’s Boats to Gaza peace flotilla, due to sail in September, can be assured of a big welcome at the port of Gaza.

Palestine News Network report, 30 May 2016

The world campaign for the support of the Women Boats to Gaza declared May 31 as the world solidarity day with Gaza in commemoration of the sixth anniversary of the Israeli attack on Mavi Marmara solidarity ship.

In a press statement on Saturday, Dr. Issam Yousuf, head of the world popular committee for the support of Gaza, called for massive action to end the Israeli siege on Gaza Strip.

He asked the international community to protect the women boats heading to Gaza and guarantee their arrival to the Strip with no objection or interception by Israeli navy.

He also urged for adopting the Palestinian demands of establishing a harbor in Gaza and providing the floating power plant.

He called on Egypt to open Rafah border crossing and to establish a commercial zone with Gaza Strip.

Yousuf said, “The siege is a massive punishment and a crime against humanity in Palestine”, and called for tabling the Israeli crimes at the international courts in order to prosecute Israeli army and political leaders.


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