Israel’s ‘innovative technology’ praised by ‘Nano girl’

6 Jun

VIDEO: ‘Knock on the roof’ missile attacks in Gaza in 2014. Is this an example of Israel’s ‘innovative technology’ that impressed ‘nano girl’ and the 50 NZ business leaders during their recent visit?

The NZ Herald has published a story by ‘Nano girl’ Michelle Dickinson about her visit to Israel with a delegation of 50 NZ business leaders, which praises Israel is a ‘strong leader in entrepreneurship’ and innovative technology. [‘Nano Girl Michelle Dickinson: Proud Israel actively nurtures tall poppies’, 4 June 2016]

Here is a response from Janfrie Wakim, Palestine Solidarity Network, that the Herald has not published:

Michelle Dickinson, Nano girl, has done serious damage to her reputation as a scientist and academic  in her column comparing  Israel with New Zealand.  Propaganda is presented  as evidence without analysis. No mention made of the $3 billion per year (and growing) in aid provided by the USA over decades,  the largest single recipient of US foreign assistance. No mention of  nuclear industry and stockpile of 200 plus warheads Israel has developed and which we know about only because of the heroic whistle blowing  of Mordechai Vanunu in 1986 just prior to New Zealand becoming nuclear free. No mention of the indigenous people Palestinians including those  living and educated in Israel  and the discrimination built into the Israeli education system or those living under occupation in West Bank or imprisoned Gaza.   Please, compare us with Finland, Denmark  Michelle and seek their technological solutions,  not Israel which specialises in products for  mass surveillance and military control of civilian populations.  Janfrie Wakim Palestine Solidarity Network.

‘Nano girl’ article:


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