Egypt opens border for fifth day

4 Jul


Palestine Information Centre report, Gaza, 3 July 2016

Egyptian authorities on Sunday opened the Rafah border crossing [in southern Gaza Strip] on both sides for the fifth day running. Sources at the border crossings committee said the Egyptian authorities unblocked the Rafah passageway, allowing buses access out of and into the crossing. Seven buses only were allowed access into the Egyptian side of the crossing on Saturday, with a total of 560 passengers. 32 stranded Gazans were, however, denied access out of the crossing. 317 Palestinian passengers stranded in the Egyptian territories managed to reach Gaza.

On Wednesday, the Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah crossing for five days only after they had kept it closed for 23 days running. Egypt has been closing the Rafah border-crossing since 2013, except for a few days when the crossing is intermittently opened before humanitarian cases and sick passengers. Over 28,000 Palestinians have reportedly been in need of urgent travel.

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