Mass demonstration in Gaza

4 Jul


By Mohammad Asad, Gaza, Middle East Monitor, 2 July 2016

Palestinians took to the streets of Gaza yesterday in a massive demonstration to mark the now annual Quds Day and renew their support for occupied Jerusalem and the rest of occupied Palestine. Posters were displayed calling for the Arab and Muslim nations to unite in order to support the occupied holy city and tackle Israel’s ongoing Judaisation project.

Loai Al-Qaryouti of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (General Command) delivered a keynote speech to participants at the demonstration. He said that Quds Day sends a “clear message” to the Israeli occupation authorities that Palestinian resistance will continue until the liberation of Palestine. He reiterated that Palestine, which has been suffering Israeli oppression for decades, is the main cause for all of the Arab and Muslim nations.

The false revolutions and bloodshed in the region are aimed at diverting the world’s eyes from Palestine, insisted Al-Qaryouti. He stressed that all parts of Palestine from the river to the sea are “inseparable”, including Jerusalem.

“At the time that the Arab and Muslim countries are leaving the Palestinian worshippers to suffer under continuous Israeli aggression,” he added, “the Palestinian resistance movements will not leave them.” The PFLP-GC official called on all Palestinian resistance movements to unite on one resistance programme.

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