Video: Samah Sabawi endorses Women’s Boat to Gaza

7 Sep


VIDEO: Prominent Palestinian playwright, writer & commentator, Samah Sabawi endorses the Women’s Boat to Gaza peace flotilla, which is getting ready to sail for Gaza Port soon.

Green MP Marama Davidson has been selected to represent New Zealand/Aotearoa on this important all-female international mission to challenge Israel’s illegal and inhumane naval blockade of the tiny besieged Palestinian enclave.

See the side bar of this website for details of how to support this mission – our appeal target is $25,000 which will cover our NZ contribution towards the purchase and equipping of the two flotilla boats, plus associated costs etc.

Kia Ora Gaza co-hosted Samah’s speaking tour of New Zealand last year. Samah also addressed the NZ Conference on Palestine earlier this year.

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