Women’s Boat to Gaza heads for Messina, Sicily – then Gaza

20 Sep

14355141_1426009004081949_8318594810780052737_nA peace sign gesture from award-winning US actress LisaGay Hamilton, as the Women’s Boat to Gaza, the Zaytouna, departs Corsica for Messina, Sicily – the last port before embarking for Gaza.

In a telephone conversation with Zaher Darwish, (Coordinator, Freedom Flotilla Italy), Renato Accorinti, Mayor of the City of Messina, Sicily, has confirmed that he shares the aims of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition and fully supports the international Women’s Boat to Gaza, describing it is a symbolic role in the struggle for the recognition of the rights of peoples and women in all countries of the world.

14409552_10153689259730807_4704537544268017957_oRenato Accorinti, Mayor of the City of Messina, Sicily

He expressed his closeness and solidarity with the Palestinian people and all peoples fighting for their liberation, and was keen to remind the world of the sensitivity of the Sicilian people to these issues. Finally, he expressed appreciation for the choice of Messina as the last stage of the Women’s Boat to Gaza before travelling to Gaza.

NZ Green Party MP, Marama Davidson will join the Zaytouna in Messina, for the last leg of the journey across the Mediterranean to the port of Gaza City.


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