Palestinian Human Rights organisations support flotilla

3 Oct


The Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC) expresses its full support of the Women’s Boat to Gaza, with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, to break the Israeli closure of the Gaza Strip. PHROC calls upon the international community to support the voyage of the Boat until it reaches Gaza’s shores in an expression of solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and in rejection of the illegal and inhumane closure imposed on the Strip for over 10 years. The closure  constitutes a form of collective punishment, in violation of international humanitarian law, and rises to the level of a crime against humanity that should be terminated and thus its perpetrators should be prosecuted.

PHROC welcomes the Freedom Flotilla initiative which coincides with the tenth anniversary of the closure’s imposition. Furthermore PHROC believes this action is important in the face of  international silence over Israel’s continued violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. PHROC also appreciates the international solidarity expressed by the [Women’s Boat to Gaza] campaign.

PHROC calls upon civil society organizations and all Arab and international solidarity campaigns to support the safe arrival of the Women’s Boat to the Gaza shore to break the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip imposed for more than 10 years. PHROC further calls on states and international organizations to ensure that Israeli authorities respect international humanitarian law and international human rights law, and guarantee the safety and security of the boat and its passengers.

Abridged report posted on 2 October 2016



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