Roger Waters Voices Support for Gaza Blockade Breakers

4 Oct


By Staff, 3 October 2016

Roger Waters has taken to social media to voice his support for a group of women attempting to break the naval blockade of the Gaza strip.

“I give them my absolute admiration and respect,” said the Pink Floyd principle, who is vocal critic of the Israeli government which maintains the blockade.

According to the official site of Women’s Boat to Gaza the craft Zaytouna-Oliva began its journey in September and is expected to reach Gaza early this month. The crew includes thirteen women from many nations including the United States. The boat is the latest attempt to disrupt the blockade, which has been in place since 2007, by an organization called The Freedom Flotilla Coalition.

The activists claim the blockade is illegal under International Humanitarian Law and specifically the Geneva Conventions, which prohibit collective punishment. Israel maintains that blockade must be maintained to prevent Hamas from obtaining weapons, but international organizations such as Oxfam claim that the tight restrictions on what can enter the Strip have had a devastating effect on Gaza’s civilian population.

Waters also praised the efforts of soccer fans who raised money to pay off the fines imposed on protesters who brought Palestinian flags to an Israeli match.

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