Marama Davidson is safe and due back home tomorrow

7 Oct


Let’s greet Marama with a big welcome home! – 8am tomorrow at the Auckland International Airport arrivals area.

Although the Israeli authorities have imposed a tight communications blackout, we understand that all 13 women detained after their boat was hijacked by Israeli naval forces in international waters yesterday, are safe and well and uninjured.

After being held in a prison, interrogated and their phones and equipment confiscated, they have since been transferred to an airport to be deported home. It is likely that they will be prohibited from entering Israel for about 10 years.

Although the boat was illegally apprehended, the all-women flotilla has certainly succeeded in re-focusing world attention on the intolerable Israeli occupation, brutal violence and inhumane blockade, and helped build awareness and global support for Palestinian human rights.

New Zealand’s representative on the international Women’s Boat to Gaza, Green MP Marama Davidson, is due to arrive at Auckland International Airport at 8am tomorrow (Saturday 8 October).

Join the big warm welcome at the airport: gather at the Arrivals area by 8am tomorrow.  The Heikura Kapahaka group from the Manurewa Marae will greet Marama as she appears. There will be a big media contingent. Share this message, and bring your friends & family and your own sign or banner.

2 Responses to “Marama Davidson is safe and due back home tomorrow”

  1. debsisdead October 7, 2016 at 2:21 pm #

    The weak arsed reaction from Foreign Affairs to the illegal abduction and incarceration of kiwi MP Marama Davidson is unsurprising given PM John Key’s noxious attitude towards the indigenous people of the Middle East.
    Who can forget that after winning election as PM for the first time John Key insisted on visiting the ersatz state of Israel – ostensibly as part of a trade promotion, but after receiving the usual plaudits from zionists purely on the racist grounds that as Key’s mother was jewish, he must be too, John Key curtailed the rest of his ME trip, in the process snubbing New Zealand’s major trading partners in the region.
    Trade between Israel and Aotearoa is minuscule since kiwis don’t go much on buying & selling weapons of war, but several ME nations are major purchasers of NZ primary produce. All that trade was endangered by John Key’s ill mannered snub.
    So given Key’s racist attitude toward Palestinians and the abrogation of their human rights, it’s prolly not a go to hold your breath until the NZ government stands up to yet another crime by the apartheid state of Israel.

  2. contraviews October 7, 2016 at 6:12 pm #

    Shame on the corporate biased New Zealand media not giving this more publicity.

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