Deadly clashes as Israel demolishes Bedouin village

19 Jan


Video: Imran Khan reports from Um Al-Hiram, Negev, for Al Jazeera, 18 January 2017

Hassam M. Shoaap posted photos of the clash, during which a Palestinian man and an Israeli soldlier died. He posted the photos and these comments on Facebook:

Why I am focusing my attention on what happened in Umm al-Hiram today? Because that’s the clear demonstration that Israel wants erase the Palestinian people from their land, while the international community keeps ignoring Palestinian voices asking to stop the racist apartheid zionist entity, we can’t stay silent letting a new Nakba happens again in front of our eyes!

Another crime against humanity has been completed in the Negev region today, Zionists carried out another heroic quest destroying the poor houses belonging to the Bedouin community in Umm al-Hiram, killing one of them and injuring many, violently assaulting unarmed peaceful people just to displace them and expand their illegal colonies. Shame on the whole world watching and doing nothing! If you really support Palestine please raise your voice for Umm al-Hiram!

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