Call for global 24 hour solidarity hunger strike

23 May

UK Palestine solidarity group Football Against Apartheid along with England based Palestinian group; 17 of April has called on all campaigners for a free Palestine across the globe, to support a world-wide 24hour hunger strike starting at 10:00 on Thursday 25 May in support of 1600 Palestinian Political Prisoners now on Day 36 of their hunger strike.

“We ask all supporting groups to meet briefly at 10:00 local time in a prominent national square or other important meeting point of national importance, to launch your hunger strike at 10 am local time on Thursday 25 May to raise awareness about the critical phase of the hunger strike, and the abusive behaviour of their Israeli Apartheid captors, which include forcing the very weak prisoners to stand for roll call whilst they are already too weak to get to their feet, removal of vital salt from the prisoners, keeping prisoners in solitary confinement and are now threatened with force-feeding by doctors brought in from abroad especially to force feed prisoners – as Israeli doctors have agreed not to assist the Apartheid State with force feeding.”

They ask groups to make a very short video of the participants saying very briefly why they have joined the action and post a video on YouTube.

NZ Palestine Solidarity Network invites supporters to participate in this global event on Thursday, and also to join the PSN “Salt Water Challenge” rally from 3pm on Saturday 27 May at the Aotea Square, Auckland CBD, to express support for the Palestinian hunger strikers.

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